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Do you accept credit cards for payment?

We accept several major credit/debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and Discover

How can I pay for my unit?
A Mini Storage wants to make your storage experience a stress-free, hassle-free experience, including when it comes to paying your bill.

We offer the convenience of AutoPay -- we can set our system to automatically charge your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover card each month (or on a weekly basis if so desired), so your payment is never late (avoiding needless late fees). You also can pay utilizing our website's Make A Payment page, or contact us (262) 275-0150 to make a payment by phone with on facilities management. You also have the option of sending payment by check, cashiers check, or money order to P.O. Box 208 Fontana, WI 53125.

What size unit do I need? 
The answer varies per tenant. How will you fill your unit? Will you stack floor to ceiling? Will you stand items on end? Do you want a walkway through the unit? These factors will affect your size needs. Our Unit Size Chart on our About Us page will help you with the general question.

What is a "climate controlled" unit?
Climate controlled units are temperature regulated (
low 50's F in winter to upper 70's F in summer) and moisture regulated (38-42% humidity level) to protect your stored belongings from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Storing your belongings correctly is essential to their preservation over the long-term. Our standard A Mini Storage units are fine for a broad range of things, including vehicles, tools, seasonal yard upkeep equipment, and similar items. However, there are a number of personal and household items that would be better kept in our self storage facilities that offer climate controlled storage. The condensation that can result from fluctuations in temperature can be destructive in its own right, but that moisture also gives mold and decay the opportunity to flourish. Climate controlled storage helps prevent such damage.

Here are some items that you should store in climate control:

  • electronics/computers
  • musical instruments
  • books
  • antiques
  • fine furniture
  • art
  • photos and documents

Do you have space for RVs, autos, and boats?
Yes! Specific locations offer storage for RVs, boats, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Please contact us for information

I lost/broke my key. What do I do?

Contact us at (262) 275-0150. We can cut your lock and provide you with a new lock for a fee of $35.

How do I move out?

Notify us by calling (262) 275-0150 and inform us of your move out date. We would prefer 30 days of notice before move-outs. 

  • Empty and sweep out unit
  • Close the unit door (do not attach lock)
  • Call to confirm you moved out

Please notify us prior to the end of your rental period to avoid being charged for the next month in full.

How do I get my security deposit returned to me?

This question applies solely to current tenants who have been with A Mini Storage since prior to 2013, as we no longer require a security deposit.

Upon giving notice and moving out, we will inspect the unit to make sure it is emptied and swept. We will then return your deposit by check via US Mail.

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